Selected Articles

Thanks to the Yurok Tribe, condors will return to the PNW
in Mongabay

California condors will soar in northern California for the first time in a century next year thanks to the Yurok Tribe, who have fought for the return of this culturally and ecologically important bird for the past 13 years.

Grizzly bear DNA maps onto Indigenous language families
in Science Magazine

The bears and Indigenous humans of coastal British Columbia have lived side by side for millennia. But it’s the DNA that really stands out: A new analysis has found that the grizzlies here form three distinct genetic groups, and these groups align closely with the region’s three Indigenous language families.

An artificial island may be the lifeline Maryland’s common terns need
in Audubon*
(*also ran in Fall Issue of magazine)

Seabirds like skimmers and common terns have been in worrying decline in the state’s Coastal Bays region. A makeshift nesting site could them rebound—if the birds make use of it.