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Pre-Inca Canal System Uses Hillsides as Sponges to Store Water
in Eos

A team of hydrologists, engineers, and social scientists is hoping to strengthen the water security of Lima and other Peruvian cities through analysis of a 1,400-year-old nature-based system developed by pre-Inca mountain communities. 

Forgotten trove of fossil feathers belonged to tiny polar dinosaurs
In Ars Technica

Researchers have described ten fossil feathers from the polar regions of the former continent Gondwana for the first time. The fossils were initially discovered in the 1960s, but most of the technologies and knowledge used to understand the feathers described in this study didn’t yet exist. They were tucked away in a drawer in the Melbourne Museum for decades, until Martin Kundrát happened across an old paper.

A New Pesticide is all the Buzz
In Ars Technica

Bees’ fuzzy yellow bodies and hairy legs are custom-built for picking up pollen. Nothing can distribute the yellow powder more efficiently. And soon, bees may be given some cargo to carry on their outbound journey to the blossoms: pesticides.

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